Walking with the Faithful; Living out the Faith

by Rhonda Rhea

  I accidentally made a new discovery a couple of years ago. I forgot about the coffee pot and left it on all day. I didn’t have a coffee maker with an auto shut-off back then, so when I finally noticed it, the stuff was past even that sludge stage. The entire pot of coffee had been reduced to a layer of tar. Fascinating. It was black and sort of chewy- looking. I sniffed it, just out of curiosity, and I think it gave me a little bit of a caffeine buzz..                 
That’s when it hit me that I might actually have something. What if I peeled it off the bottom of the pot and cut it into plastic-looking strips? Voila! Coffee Jerky! Just think what this could mean to all those heavy-eyed weekday commuters. Instead of sloshing scalding coffee in their laps and all over their nice leather seats, they could just pop out a hunk of coffee jerky. I’m thinking it would be a great way to make a pot of coffee last all day, too. It would take several hours just to get it all out of your molars.... 
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Book Review featuring "Coming Home"

by Stacy Hawki
ns Adams
  Dancing alone hadn't been an issue for Dayna Wilson in recent years, and tonight was no exception.The habit marked her choice to live again, and on evenings like this, a sense of delicious freedom and rightness with the world returned. She two stepped around her bedroom in her purple silk robe to the up-tempo melody pouring from her surround-sound speakers, singing along to the chorus of a Tina Turner classic: “What’s Love Got to Do with It.”

Dayna sashayed to her sitting area and sank into the caramel-colored leather loveseat. She closed her eyes and mentally rehearsed her speech for tonight’s benefit gala. Dayna visualized herself introducing her boss, then opened her eyes and stretched. Time to get up and get to work. That meant sliding into her Spanx without breaking a sweat, and stepping into her dress before Warren arrived. He would be ready....
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"A Daughter of the King is a Modern Day Princess" 
by Doreen Hanna

  One conversation can spark a thought that will ultimately lead to something wonderful. That’s what happened to me as I spoke on the phone with Cathy, a women’s ministry leader, who had called to invite me to speak for a Mother/Daughter event. Their theme was “Celebrate! You’re a Daughter of the King.” She asked if I had any form of reference to speak on this topic. I froze. Then suddenly I remembered what had been stated at a speaker’s conference: “If you think you don’t know, just say yes and immediately shoot up a prayer!”
Pray I did, and truly, immediately, I recalled a moment when I was a young girl. One particular morning, my grandmother walked out of her bedroom beautifully dressed. I asked her where she was going and she boldly proclaimed, “I’m going to church to meet with the King of Kings because I am a Daughter of the King!” I had not remembered that moment for more than 40 years....
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